Improve market and investor confidence

Instant Actions is the only service that provides globally verifiable company announcement information to the markets

What is Instant Actions's objective?

We aim to establish Instant Actions as the default global provider of event capture and publication services for issuers which provides their investors with much more clarity and certainty around published information. Our aim is to provide these secure channels in partnership with existing agents, advisors, technology and data vendor partners.

How Instant Actions solutions can help

Based on proprietary technologies for identity validation and data certification, the solution:
Establishes data certainty and immutability by digitally watermarking data at source. Performs digital notarisation of the data, allowing downstream recipients to validate their versions against that centrally notarised copy.
Provides data certainty to all parties in the chain as it flows from source through existing information dissemination networks to its target audience.

The first deployment of this technology

The Shareholders' Rights Directive which went live on the 4th September 2020 poses many problems for financial intermediaries looking to comply with it. The Instant Actions Shareholder Identity Disclosure service helps by:
Providing the intermediaries with certainty around the identity of the disclosure requestors by performing identity checks for them
Notarising the requests themselves to provide an audit trail of action and responses
Providing a Secure Digital Vault in which disclosure request can be placed and accessed only by the valid issuer requestor - incorporating full end-to-end encryption of the data.